When you make a Mobile Deposit, please remember to write

"Mobile Check Deposit Only"

underneath your signature on the back of the check to avoid delays!  Click here for more info. 


Additional Services

Check Reorder

Reordering checks is easy.  Just click on the link below to get started.

Please contact the HCB customer service at 925.9001 or visit one of our branches for assistance with all other check ordering needs.

 Note: Only check reorders can be placed through the link below for security reasons.

Personal Checks       Business Checks

Debit Card*

With The Hardin County Bank debit MasterCard there is no longer a need to carry cash or checks. You can sign for purchases, just as with a credit card, at major retailers, specialty shops, restaurants, fast food locations, and more! When you sign, the purchase amount comes out of your checking account and appears on your checking account statement. Your debit card can also be used at ATMs for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, or transfers between your accounts.          

 *Subject to approval

SHAZAM BOLT$  ShazamBolts

Mobile Convenience
Fraud Protection
Instant Transaction Controls
Convenient ATM Locator

Click here for more information Shazam Bolt$ Information or simply enroll today at bolts.shazam.net

My Pic Debit Card

The Hardin County Bank is excited to provide this personalized card service to our debit cardholders. It allows you to create a personalized debit card featuring a photo of your choice or select an image from our gallery.

Customizing your card is simple! You just upload your image and even preview it before you place the order.

Personalize My Debit Card

ATM Transactions

ATM transactions are free at ATMs owned by The Hardin County Bank or ATMs that are marked with a Shazam Privileged Status logo. For a listing of ATMs participating in the Shazam network, please visit the Shazam Network website.

Should you perform a transaction at an ATM not within the Shazam Privileged Status, the foreign ATM owner may impose a service charge. Other fees may also apply.

Direct Deposit

This is a convenient service that enables you to have your regular income payments, such as your paycheck, dividend payments or Social Security payments, directly deposited to The Hardin County Bank deposit account.

Telephone Banking

You may access your account by telephone 24 hours a day at 731.925.3464 using your personal identification number, a touch tone phone and your account number to:

  • Get real time information about account balances
  • Review Transactions
  • Make transfers between internal accounts
  • Make payments from checking or savings to loan accounts with us
  • Check verification

Safe deposit boxes

The Hardin County Bank has safe deposit boxes at our Main Office, Pickwick Road Office, Pickwick/Counce Office and Adamsville Office. 


Annual Rental Fee












$60.00 (Pickwick/Counce only)


As a customer of The Hardin County Bank, you are able to send  and receive wire transfers to and from other banks in the United States as well as internationally with a signed Wire Transfer Agreement. Wire transfers are subject to fees. Please contact your local branch for fee information or refer to the Fee Schedule under “Disclosures” at the bottom of the page.


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